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WTC International Trade Services & Facilities

A WTC offers its members and tenants a wide range of facilities and international trade services. Since WTC services are reciprocal, members can access them at all operating WTCs around the world. Here are the services and facilities that are offered to companies seeking to expand international markets.

Trade Information & Market Research

WTCs provide up-to-date information about their respective regions, including local products and services, market conditions, government regulations and business culture. WTCs furnish detailed profiles of local business contacts, including manufacturers, distributors and services providers. They also perform market research tailored to specific needs.

Business Services

WTCs offer state-of-the-art support facilities. This includes video conferencing, internet access, word processing and more. Flexible arrangements for temporary office space, meeting rooms, secretarial and translation services are also available.

Trade Education Services

WTCs organize practical, interactive international trade workshops and seminars on key local and global business issues.

Group Trade Missions

Includes taking part in outbound missions to explore new markets and receiving incoming business groups.

WTC Clubs

Promote business networking by providing comfortable lounge and dining services for members and their guests. Offer private rooms with general office services for various types of business gatherings. Networking forums are arranged on specialized subjects to facilitate business contacts. A World Trade Center is a recognizable symbol of locally focused economic strength in world commerce. Anchored by a unique combination of tenants and visitors, a World Trade Center is bustling hub of export activity.

Membership requirements and cost vary according to each World Trade Center.

The WTCA is governed by a 24-member international Board of Directors, composed of executives from WTCA members around the world, and elected by the membership. Eight permanent committees have been established to carry on the work of the Association in the following fields.

  • Committee on Facilities and Functions
  • Committee on International Relations and Development
  • Committee on Planning and Finance
  • Committee on Public Relations and Information
  • Committee on Tourism, Hospitality and Cultural Exchange
  • Committee on Trade Education, Training and Research
  • Committee on Trade Fairs, Trade Marts and High Tech Parks
  • Committee on WTC Standards and Quality
  • Committee on Peace & Stability through trade

In December, 2008 WTCA Committee on Peace and Stability through Trade awarded its first Global Corporate Leadership award to Robert Thompson, Founder of CenTradeX, inc. Nashville, TN

As economic development platforms, WTCs raise the international profile of a city or region
. They represent a global network of active and planned locations in 330+ cities in 100 countries that work to create competitive advantage for businesses conducting international trade. The WTC brand is known around the world and, after 42 years, the WTCA is committed to building the value and effectiveness of that brand for the hundreds of communities and thousands of internationally active businesses that have benefitted from the power of this unique and growing icon of international trade.

By what criteria is a building judged to be awarded World Trade Center status?

WTCs are licensed facilities, for which a license application must be submitted, and vetted and approved by the WTCA Board of Directors. The aforementioned characteristics are important factors that the WTCA evaluates very carefully before authorizing a World Trade Center for any community.

How does a World Trade Center branded facility compare to other non-WTC branded buildings?

Independent studies commissioned three times over the past decade confirm that WTC-branded facilities typically generate higher than average per square meter lease rates than non-WTC branded buildings. Furthermore, these unique international facilities often deliver higher than average occupancy rates than their non-branded counterparts with it not being uncommon for there to be a waiting list of companies wishing to be located in a WTC.

What difference will the presence of a World Trade Center make to a city and a region?

The existence of a WTC in a city sends a very clear message to the rest of the world that "This City is open for business and the world is welcome to come here, to meet with and forge partnerships for cooperation with local businesses".A WTC is a regional resource to local businesses they compete for overseas business.

What are the main activities of the WTCA?

WTCA Headquarters in New York City is comprised of team of international trade professionals that manage day-to-day operations of the WTCA as it serves 330+ member World Trade Centers in 100 countries. Focus is on managing and building the WTCA brand, and working with WTCA’s intellectual property attorneys to protect our name and service marks around the world.


They also provide support for a variety of member matters, such as facilitating member-to-member cooperation and reciprocity, trade information research and dissemination, and coordination of training programs through Regional Meetings and annual events such as the General Assembly and Member Seminar training forum.

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